3DC Mixtape NFTs Airdrop Now Live

2 min readDec 5, 2020

BASED Music NFT initiative “Moonbase Driver’s Club”, also known as 3DC, has successfully launched rare Mixtape NFTs reward program for top $mbBASED hodlers.

As a kickstarter, two mixtapes have been airdropped. These NFTs come with original .MP4 AV Covers and unlock the followings :
- Full-length MP3/WAV digital download
- ASCII Playlist
- J-Card Artwork

3DCTapes — $BASED Classic [3DCT001]

3DCTapes — $BASED [3DCT002]

Mixtapes previews are up on Audius

3DC proposes a unique experience of music sharing to its hodlers, enticing collectors not only to enjoy rare audio programs but also to become main actors of price discovery and supply.

First trade has already happened and as the experiment progresses, we shall gain more insights on how rare recordings behave on the Music NFT Market.