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4 min readNov 28, 2020


“Music industry grew on scarcity, evolved with abundance and is now morphing to integrate scarcity back again”

This later stage of evolution is happening right now, before our very eyes.

The most forward thinking artists have already adopted these technologies, impacting durably the way we acquire, enjoy, share and value music.

Better even, blockchain technologies enhance the experience of art creation and collection, partially reshaping the art value chain as a whole : medium, techniques, business models, everything goes.

In this context 3DC aims to provide creators and collectors alike with insights as well as a feel of what the future of music holds.

uh (@silviafufu1)

Music comes first

You all have heard stories about Spotify paying cents to musicians right ? That is indeed the horrendous, shameful reality of today’s digital music business.

A system so vicious that aspiring musicians are made to believe that these are the only rules to play by ! Just this past summer, Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, was declaring that artist should just record more tracks if they intended to earn more. Clever !

The truth is, Apple Music and Spotify are such dominant forces that they just crush any kind of niche art with standardized, “one-size-fits-all” royalties model.

The pressure they put on the artists and their fans is tremendous.

- Cannot freely fix their price
- See massive profit cut (25% to 50%) from most platforms/aggregators
- Cannot manage their own catalog supply
- Do not directly profit from secondary market appreciation
- Are further pressurized by timely loyalty payments and banking fees

- Cannot resales the digital music they bought
- Are enticed to pay for music as convenience
- Are robbed of the original experience associated with music collection

Now thanks to Audio NFTS and tokenized music, alternate solutions have arisen. It is essential that musicians take this opportunity to get themselves out of these pits and start developing their own sense of using blockchain solutions to sustaining their creations.

In that sense, 3DCTapes is firsthand experience for everyone to reflect on their relationship with music, art and their expectations from it. Along the way we might learn some bits about what it means to own digital audio and see how raw market forces value music introduced without marketprice.

This is not the first experiment in that field, people like RAC have done tremendous work to promote blockchain solutions in that context.

3DC premise is different in what it is aims to achieve though, and Based protocol plays a major part in this demonstration.

Ghouls Unincorporated (@LSGhoul)

Is it based ?

Moonbase Driver’s Club has been designed to complement Based Protocol elegant token designs and to expose the $mbBASED community to new mechanics for art valuation and enjoyment.

$mbBASED is among the most engaging, open minded and art-friendly community in the blockchain space. To say ghouls are cool is an understatement.

Also, $BASED peeps show very special music affinities under the guidance of the mighty Mr.Bones, who operates rebase.radio.

Just released, Moonbase : The Card Game is the only existing NFT card deck deployed at protocol level, with no other purpose than to be adopted by the community.

Finally, $BASED and $mbBASED provide unique features that regular money cannot match.

For all these reasons but not only, $BASED offers great benefits for artists to bootstrap their activity on. 3DC will acts as a catalyst to prove this point.

Ghouls Unincorporated (@LSGhoul)

Ded Dev fun

If you are interested in 3DC, you should take the time to understand $BASED, how it interacts with $mbBASED, what Moonbase is and what Rovers are. moon.based.money and based.fun are good starting points.

Then choose your hand : depending on how much $mbBASED and Moonbase cards you own, you will be able to access the areas of the Discord server. Make it so that it fits your expectations.

Once set :

  1. Marketbuy $BASED
  2. Stake to get $mbBASED
  3. Get Moonbase cards
  4. Get v46 Rover NFTS
  5. Check-in Character Card and Rover Count (Twitter @46volt or Discord Volt46#6164)
  6. Jump into 3DC Discord Server and enter “!join” to unlock perks (link provided by v46)
  7. Say hi !

You made it that far, now just relax and trade tapes, connect with other and shill what’s hot to you ; airdrops and otc-sales are just around the corner.

Links & Tips

$BASED Token address : 0x68a118ef45063051eac49c7e647ce5ace48a68a5

Uniswap link (Buy $BASED) : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x68a118ef45063051eac49c7e647ce5ace48a68a5

v46 Rarible Link (Buy Rover NFT) : https://app.rarible.com/volt46

Moonbase cards (Buy Moonbase character card and complete your deck):

The only specific Moonbase card required for 3DC Tier Unlock are the Character cards, might be a good idea to secure these first.

Substantial part of the v46 Rover NFT sales is used to Marketbuy $BASED.