3DCTapes ERC-1155 now stream enabled

2 min readJan 17, 2021

With the introduction of NFTs, music tokens are finding their way into common use and habits, slowly shaping a new paradigm for music consumption.

To push the dynamics we have been looking for ways to offer full mix streaming to 3DC tokens hodlers, so they do not need to download the files to enjoy the tapes !

Today we are happy to announce a reliable solution to stream 3DCTapes mixes on the go. With simple wallet authentication using Mintgate, it is now easy to play your NFT locked audio content from any device.

To play your 3DCTapes NFTs just use the following links : connect your hodl wallet using WalletConnect and/or Metamask and you will be redirected to the private player.

3DCTapes vol.1 — $BASED Classic

3DCTapes vol.2 — $BASED

With the inclusion of Soundcloud as a new block in 3DC stack, it seems natural to transfer both mix hosting and information to this platform for future releases. Already you can consult the playlists, favorite and download the sets from this single player interface.

We will keep an eye out for Audius to provide similar features but right now, Mintgate and Soundcloud seal the deal.

Special shouts to @mintgate_app @david_tomu and @Lethalsiri for their awesome inputs in setting up this feature.

Links :

3DCTapes Mixes Collection (Rarible) : https://app.rarible.com/3dctapes/collectibles

3DCTapes on Audius (Mix Preview) : https://audius.co/3dc

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