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3DC token hodlers can no enjoy private music streaming. Further details in the following article : https://3dc.medium.com/3dctapes-erc-1155-now-stream-enabled-eba71925925b

To streamline access to 3DC server and further actualize Moonbase collection, v46 Rover NFTs will be moved to their own ERC-1155 contract. Hodler will be invited to exchange their NFTs 1:1 by next drop.

Coming next month are Moonbase Rovers $Coin_artist and $Amp, custom rover deliveries for 3DC members to follow.

With recent Ethereum token price increase, v46 Rover NFTs market price is now set to $ETH 0,069.

Sometimes before the end of January.

Wanna join ? Follow the guide and get your hands based.

With the introduction of NFTs, music tokens are finding their way into common use and habits, slowly shaping a new paradigm for music consumption.

To push the dynamics we have been looking for ways to offer full mix streaming to 3DC tokens hodlers, so they do not need to download the files to enjoy the tapes !

Today we are happy to announce a reliable solution to stream 3DCTapes mixes on the go. With simple wallet authentication using Mintgate, it is now easy to play your NFT locked audio content from any device.

To play your 3DCTapes NFTs just use…

BASED Music NFT initiative “Moonbase Driver’s Club”, also known as 3DC, has successfully launched rare Mixtape NFTs reward program for top $mbBASED hodlers.

As a kickstarter, two mixtapes have been airdropped. These NFTs come with original .MP4 AV Covers and unlock the followings :
- Full-length MP3/WAV digital download
- ASCII Playlist
- J-Card Artwork

3DCTapes — $BASED Classic [3DCT001]

3DCTapes — $BASED [3DCT002]

Mixtapes previews are up on Audius

3DC proposes a unique experience of music sharing to its hodlers, enticing collectors not only to enjoy rare audio programs but also to become main actors of price discovery and…

“Music industry grew on scarcity, evolved with abundance and is now morphing to integrate scarcity back again”

This later stage of evolution is happening right now, before our very eyes.

The most forward thinking artists have already adopted these technologies, impacting durably the way we acquire, enjoy, share and value music.

Better even, blockchain technologies enhance the experience of art creation and collection, partially reshaping the art value chain as a whole : medium, techniques, business models, everything goes.

In this context 3DC aims to provide creators and collectors alike with insights as well as a feel of what the…


Moonbase “Ded dev” Driver’s Club

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