3DC Q1 Roadmap

3DCTapes Streaming is live

3DC token hodlers can no enjoy private music streaming. Further details in the following article : https://3dc.medium.com/3dctapes-erc-1155-now-stream-enabled-eba71925925b

Moonbase Rovers re-minting into their own ERC-1155 collection

To streamline access to 3DC server and further actualize Moonbase collection, v46 Rover NFTs will be moved to their own ERC-1155 contract. Hodler will be invited to exchange their NFTs 1:1 by next drop.

Collection new entries

Coming next month are Moonbase Rovers $Coin_artist and $Amp, custom rover deliveries for 3DC members to follow.

Nifty New Price

With recent Ethereum token price increase, v46 Rover NFTs market price is now set to $ETH 0,069.

OTC Drop

Sometimes before the end of January.

Wanna join ? Follow the guide and get your hands based.



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